Our company FAST PROTEC presents a line of digital dental solutions: Dental Milling Machines, 3D-Printers, Software, 3D-Scanners, Sintering Furnaces, Consumables.​ We are inspired by CAD/CAM technology and use it daily in our work.

With our support you will be able to solve a full range of tasks for clinic, dental laboratory or milling center. We provide educational materials, trainings and customer support.

Our focus has always been on professional, high-precision equipment.  Today our exceptional choice is ARUM technology. These milling machines have built up a reputation of a reliable, professional and stable solution designed for milling centers and smaller laboratories. With the help of ARUM technology you can produce works of varying complexity. It will be no trouble for you to make beam constructions, screw fixations made of cobalt-chrome, mill individual abutments, crowns and bridges made of different materials.

We are also pleased to introduce FAST PROTEC technology. This is a complex system, made up of flasks, articulators, verticulators, resins and silicones to perform all dental processing including removable dentures, temporary crowns and bridges, composite crowns, ceramic moulding, fabrication of orthodontic splints and implant dentures. Fast Protec ensures precise protocols that will guide you step by step to make your workflow faster and more organized.

In the future, we will see lots of innovations in 3D printing, 3D-scanning, milling and software:"Do today what others do not want. Tomorrow you will live as others can not".

We understand how important it is to act with a future perspective, that’s why we regularly arrange training courses, workshops, congresses and events for dentists, dental technicians, owners of dental laboratories and milling centers.

We invite everyone to plunge into the world of modern digital dental technologies. Welcome to the club of professionals!


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