When it comes to accuracy, implant bars and bridges are the most complex indications in dental prosthetics. For this reason, smart optics has developed the Activity 888 Dental Scanner „High Performance“ for ambitious dental laboratories and implantology practices who put great emphasis on the highest precision and level of detail.


The Activity 888 enables high-precision digitization of even the most complex implant works with ease within a very short period of time. Whether it‘s implant-borne bar constructions or directly screwed implantborne bridges, the user is equipped to handle any dental restoration work with the Activity 888 and the proven smart optics Activity scan software. Of course the „High Performance“ scanner Activity 888 uses the well-established modules of the Activity range, such as secondDie and multiCase, but also the patented scan fixators which ensure a cranially situated rendering of the condylar positions.

Activity 888 3D DENTAL SCANNER

SKU: 10002
  • Dimension ( B x H x T ) mm

    490 x 430 x 440

    Measurement field (X x Y x Z) mm

    80 x 60 x 85

    Accuracy (ISO 12836)

    4 µm

    Measurement Time Complete Jaw

    Scanning: 19 Sec.
    Postprocessing: 17 Sec.
    Total: 36 Sec.

    Measurement Time Single Tooth

    Scanning: 30 Sec.
    Postprocessing: 12 Sec.
    Total: 42 Sec.

    Measurement Time 3-unit bridge

    Scanning: 43 Sec.
    Postprocessing: 27 Sec.
    Total: 70 Sec.


    34 kg

    Windows 7/8/10 64-Bit

    ScanFixator available

    multiCase available

    secondDie available

    System Tool Drawer

    Power Supply Voltage

    100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz



    Housing color


    Compatibility with exocad® DentalCAD

    System requirements

    Windows 7 64-BIT
    Quadcore CPU, i3
    8 GB RAM
    USB 2.0 Port
    Approx. 40 – 100 GB free hard disk space
    Graphics card 1,024 MB RAM

    Windows 10 64-BIT
    Quadcore CPU, i7
    16 GB RAM
    USB 2.0/3.0 Port
    Approx. 80 – 150 GB free hard disk space
    Graphics card 2.056 MB RAM

    Deliveries include

    1 3D scanner, 3 spacer plates, 1 locking plate, 1 hex key, 1 set of hex screws, 1 object holder, 1 mains cable, 2 USB cables, 1 measuring range template, 1 3D calibration model
    CD including scanner software, calibration data and operating manual (PDF)

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