Strong and elegant, with an endearing design. This printer is the right solution for those looking for accuracy, speed and high quality at the best price. This printer is perfect to print those details that up to now were difficult and expensive to achieve thank to its LED UV technology. This 3D printer has an Oled display on the front showing the IP address for the Wifi connection to handle the employed materials and to show the progress of work and progress of work.



This printer is thought in order to achieve the best quality in details. For this same reason, this machine is designated for jewellers, dentists, designers and miniaturists. It can work remotly thanks to the wifi connection and the integrated slicing software. Moreover, its adjustable steps grant a perfect calibration.


Resolution and Precision

The Z axis moves on a stepper that activates a trapezoidal bar which maximum resolution goes up to 5 microns. This allows the printer to polymerize layers up to 25 microns.



The LCD-UV technology is much quicker than the others, thus printing more of one object does not affect the time of the process. The only thing printing time is linked to, is the kind of Resin employed.



It can print temporary crown & bridges, models, castable structures, surgical guides, bites.


Software and Suite

Operating System: Mac/Windows File Input: Stl/Obj/Amf Minimum requirements: from Intel Pentium 4 on The printer comes with its cable, instruction manual, 0.5 lt resin, software to check and convert (Raspberry PI3 and Photonic 3D), tools, online support, training course.



The printer has its own software in order to handle the printing process and the slicing. It is possible to send files diectly to the machine via Wifi. The OLED display will show all the information about the process.



There is a manual regulating mechanism in order to be sure that the resin inside the tank is well spread.


Material & parameters

Software Photonic3D and printing parameters included. Technical support provided remotly and by phone. The printer is compatible with most of the resins’ brands on the market.

FAST PROTEC 3D printer

  • Building Area 120 x 65 x 145 mm

    Resolution 25 - 50 - 100 μm

    Compatible Resins 385 nm UV

    LED Specs 5.5 inches 2K 2560 x 1440 (537PPI)

    Warrenty 12 Months

    Power input 230 Volts 10 Ampere 0 - 60 Hz, 40 Watt

    UE Certification Compliance

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